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VPN Certificates

VPN Certificates allow the user to create a kind of a private channel in the local network (LAN) and public network (Internet) for the secure transmission of confidential data. The certificates are used by companies, institutions and offices to build virtual private networks (VPN) in order to secure data transmission. It is especially important in the case of companies, in which the employees work from remote locations by using public and non-secure connections. Thanks to VPN certificates, they are provided with a secure network connection to their company's resources. The VPN certificates authenticate router identity in the local network or on the Internet.

The benefits of the VPN certificate are the following:
  • secure communication between the employee and the company,
  • possibility of establishing corporate private networks,
  • network device identity authentication,
  • protection of confidential data,
  • guarantee of security...
See IPSec Client See Trusted VPN
CERTUM PCC - the only of its kind in Poland - issues trusted VPN Certificates in accordance withWebTrustSM/TM
  • IPSec Client the identity of the user in virtual private networks (VPN) Prices from 49 PLN
  • Trusted VPNauthenticates router identity in the local network or on the Internet.
    Prices from 999 PLN