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Assure customers that your site is safe

When you buy an SSL certificate - make sure to download the prestigious CERTUM Seal. The Seal immediately projects an image of trust in your website and offered services among visitors. When a user clicks the Seal, a message will pop out, confirming your company's data and proving that you are the holder of the SSL certificate.

It will give the user clear information that the website is safe and reliable.

Benefits of installing the CERTUM SSL Seal

Trust of clients
and users.

Full credibility
on the Internet.

Confirmation of the highest
security standards.

Prestige and excellent
reputation in business.

How CERTUM SSL (dla DV,OV EV SSL) works

Secured by Certum

Terms and conditions of installing the SSL Seal:

  • The CERTUM SSL Seal is destined for entities that hold a valid SSL certificate issued by CERTUM .
  • It may only be placed on a website with the CERTUM certificate (in the event of the SSL Seal being installed on a site not secured
    with the SSL certificate issued by CERTUM an advertising banner will be displayed). It's important during the placement of
    the CERTUM SSL Seal, to exact web adress wich is secured by the certificate.
  • The CERTUM SSL Seal must be generated via
    In the event that the SSL certificate has not been renewed (after its date of expiry), an entity is obliged to remove the CERTUM SSL
    seal from the website - otherwise, it will be changed into the advertising banner.
  • In the case of installation of the seal on websites within the domain not secured by the CERTUM SSL certificate,
    Unizeto Technologies SA has the right to exclude the possibility of displaying the seal.
  • Any modifications of the CERTUM SSL seal are impermissible.
  • Publication of the SSL Seal graphics only is impermissible.
  • The graphic presentation of the word CERTUM constitutes a legally protected trademark owned by Unizeto Technologies SA.
  • Seal is an unpaid service, therefore the company Unizeto Technologies S.A. in not responsible fot the improper installation
    or faulty operation due to causes not attributable to the company Unizeto Technologies S.A.
    (for ex. self-change in appearance, code stamp).