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Effective communication is essential for a successful collaboration. In order to choose the best solution to address your business needs, all individuals should communicate through every stage of the process.

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You can be sure that we will not look for shortcuts nor copy existing products. Our project team has the knowledge, experience, and huge amounts of creativity needed to develop tailored solutions. The end product is created based on an in-depth analysis of your needs and expectations.



We created the best products available in the cybersecurity market. Based on your needs, we will choose the best solution by creating a custom product and service package for you, or, if necessary, build new ones, made specifically for your business.



Implementation can be performed remotely or in your company’s headquarters – it is up to you. Not only will our implementation team deliver a fully-functional product, but also tell you how to use it most efficiently. The whole project will be described in a detailed analysis.



Because we care about your comfort, we offer a maintenance service, thanks to which you will gain confidence that the solutions you are using are accessible and reliable. The conditions are defined in the SLA.

Who will take care of your company?

Your Dedicated Account Manager

You will be assigned an Account Manager who will be familiar with you and your company as well as responsible for your project. You may contact your Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns. The Account Manager knows you and your company, so they provide reliable support in every situation.


Artur Miękina
Key Project Sales Director

Certum Specialist Team

A team of experienced professionals is working for you to deliver a solution for your business. Apart from your Dedicated Account Manager, there is also an Analyst, a Project Manager, an Implementation Specialist, and Maintenance Team. In collaboration, they will create a product catered to your company’s needs.

Our specialists have worked on developing the following standards:


Andrzej Ruciński

  • Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications Expert in the scope of identification, authentication, and electronic signatures
  • Polish Committee for Standardization Expert in the scope of electronic smart cards
  • Chairman of the Committee of Person Identification, Electronic Signature, Electronic Cards and Related Systems and Action (a technical committee of Polish Committee for Standardization)

Tomasz Litarowicz

  • The CEO of The European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services
  • European Signature Dialog Assiciation Member
  • PKI Expert

Marcin Szulga

  • European Signature Dialog Assiciation Member
  • PKI and Blockchain Expert (Key Note Speaker at international conferences)
  • Cloud Signature Consortium Member

Artur Miękina

  • Deputy Chairman and Expert in the Digital Administration Committee Ekspert in the Polish Chamber of Information Technology and Telecommunications
  • Member of the Committee of Person Identification, Electronic Signature, Electronic Cards and Related Systems and Action (a technical committee of Polish Committee for Standardization)

Ałła Stoliarowa-Myć

  • PKI Expert
  • Cloud Signature Consortium Member

Patrycja Wiktorczyk

  • PKI Expert
  • Cloud Signature Consortium Member

Bogusław Szostak

  • Cryptographic Devices Expert
  • Polish Committee for Standardization Member

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Electronic Signature

Tailored Solutions

Virtual File

API and Integration

SLA and Scalability

Reliability and Security

Electronic Services Identification

Electronic Signature


Legally binding and comfortable e-document signing – also available in the mobile app

The advantages of electronic signature:

Increased security and saved time

A tamper-proof signature

The same legal effect as a handwritten signature and legal security

Compliant with EU and Polish law

Tailored Solutions


E-signature and E-seal services fully adapted to the business processes in your company

The advantages of our solutions:

Increased innovativeness and credibility of your enterprise

Greater trust of your clients

Automation and acceleration of business and executive processes

Time and money saving – you can invest it in further growth

Increased competitiveness and effectiveness of actions taken in the Polish and European market

Full electronic document life cycle and a guarantee of its validity over a long period of time

Virtual File


Easy access to organized e-documents of your company, stored in a safe environment

The advantages of our solutions:

Intuitive division into three categories: to sign, signed, rejected

Document circulation made easier – you can access the documents from wherever you are

Automatic signature choice dependent on the document type

Comfortable email notifications which inform and remind you about new documents to sign

Uninterrupted document handovers

Solution accessible for both desktop and mobile users

Signing process managed by the right people

API and Integration


You don’t need to change your system to fulfill your business needs. You can simply add a feature that will do it for you.

The advantages of our solutions:

Simple integration of your system with our services

Quick implementation and easy use of the new solutions for the users

Efficient architecture which will allow you to serve multiple customers/processes at a time

Uninterrupted access to specialists who help you with any technical difficulties

SLA and Scalability


We are capable of processing any volume of documents and we are available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The advantages of cooperating with us:

High availability of specialists and reliability of the services provided

SLA up to 99,9%

Reliability and Security


Our products and services provide our clients with a guarantee of the highest security. Since 2002, Certum has been included in a list of trusted Certification Authorities (CA) and it periodically passes audits related to compliance with eIDAS regulation, which is certified by a compliance certificate for the trusted services provided.

More than 100 Experts

Ernst & Young CertifyPoint certificate

Electronic Services Identification

Electronic Services Identification

Use our services if you want to be sure that the person you are signing the contract with is who they claim to be and that the contract is legally binding.

If a contract has been signed electronically, use the signature validation service. This way you can check the identity of the person who signed it. If a person you are signing the contract with does not have an electronic signature:

  • using the remote verification service, a person’s identity can be confirmed and a certified electronic signature can be issued;
  • using the electronic signature service, a person can sign the contract digitally;
  • the signature will be unambiguous and it will be a proof of the person’s declaration of will compliant with the content of the signed document.
The advantages of our services:

Solution based on the latest technologies of image processing with the use of AI

Person’s identity is checked based on an ID presented to the camera

The possibility of validating a signature visible on an electronically signed agreement

100% reliability

Full safety of the processed data


Business in the Paperless Era
Are we ready for it?


The report „Business in the Paperless Era Are we ready for it?” is an analysis of the potential of using paperless and e-signature solutions in Polish companies.

To prepare it, we held conversations with representatives of many different industries. We wanted to know how they perceive solutions which eliminate the circulation of printed documents. We asked about their opinion, about the biggest advantages of going paperless and using e-signature and about the greatest difficulties of using these solutions.We also inquired whether the companies are ready to implement such solutions.

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