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Electronic signature activation

How to activate NEW
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Electronic signature renewal

Renewal of Certum's e-signature
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Renew a Signature
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Electronic signature renewal

  • Buy
  • Install software
  • Fill documents
  • Download the certificate


Buy an electronic signature renewal

You can do it in three convenient ways:

Install software

Install software

Before you start the renewal process of your qualified certificate:

Fill documents

Fill documents

Activation of electronic signature renewal is performed at this page.

During the activation of electronic signature renewal, we will ask you to:

  • download the Certum Application (link)
  • enter an activation code, purchased to renew your qualified signature,
  • verify if the data in the certificate is correct (you will be able to modify some of it),
  • enter valid information from your ID or passport,
  • electronically sign the Annex to the Subscription Agreement.

When you fill the form, remember to provide up to date information and check every field thoroughly because some of them will not be filled automatically, for example, the field for the ID.

Note: Remember to provide current email address. That’s where we will send you instruction for saving your certificate to a card.

Download the certificate

Download the certificate

Your qualified certificate will be issued within 7 business days after we receive the Annex. You will be informed via email.

You will also have the possibility to install a qualified signature in an online process.

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