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in the circle of trust

Project goal


Improvement of internal processes
and external communication

Our client’s goal was to improve internal processes by eliminating the circulation of printed documents. It required introducing an internal system of qualified electronic signatures and other trust services.      The system was created in modern cloud technology.

Our contribution

Implementation of the Online Trusted Services Platform

For this project, we created an internal website that allows the employees to use electronic identification tools. This solution encompasses leasing and factoring services as well as external communication, namely contact with suppliers, communication with the clients, brokerage houses, and eKRS financial reporting. The system we implemented is compliant with eIDAS Regulation.


We diagnosed our client’s needs
and decided on the scope of necessary actions
in the project


We cooperated closely with the client and the project team consisted of 15 specialists


We researched client’s satisfaction and observed a 50% reduction of paper use in the organization

Key benefits

Improvement of internal processes

Thanks to this project Santander Bank Polska reduced their paper use by half. It allowed to reduce costs and become a better functioning and more ecological institution. Electronic and authenticated document circulation is safer than printed, and at the same time, it’s cheaper, more convenient, and quicker.

Cost reduction and time saving

Safety and convenience

300 employees use innovative solutions

26 thousand documents signed using e-Signatures in 2019

Fulfilling the “durable medium” requirement

Protecting the environment because of reduced paper use

Solutions used in the project

The most popular Polish electronic signature. In the Bank, it’s used for signing documents in both internal and external communication.

Contains all Bank’s contact information along with the division responsible for particular documents. In the Bank it’s used for marking all created documents.

Electronic Document validation service. In the Bank it’s used for checking whether documents received by employees (either internal or external) are authentic.

We have observed a growing interest in digital services for the last couple of years and a growing awareness of their advantages.


It is especially visible among corporate customers. In our Bank, we observe and respond to constantly evolving needs and expectations of our clients. Paperless processes are now a common thing, that’s why we want to fully use their potential. It brings benefits for both clients and the bank itself, especially if the use of new tools makes the cooperation easier, faster, and, what is crucial, safer.

And that’s how it works in the case of electronic signature stored in the cloud.


Feliks Szyszkowiak Vice-President of the Management Board in
Santander Bank Polska

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