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Santander Consumer Bank                               Credits accelerated thanks to digitization

Project goal


Digitization of credit
agreements conclusion

The dynamic growth and high sales volumes of financial products prompted Santander Consumer Bank to look for a solution that would enable it to digitize the process of concluding credit agreements. The institution wanted to increase the speed, efficiency and comfort of nearly 30 thousand business partners‘ advisors, who handle 350 thousand clients annually.

The bank wanted to improve the quality of customer service and refine the existing “paper” document workflow, which was not only time-consuming, but also prolonged the time of issuing decisions on granting a credit or its disbursement. This required the use of IT solutions compliant with eIDAS, an EU regulation specifying requirements for electronic signatures and transactions.

Our contribution

Implementation of Asseco security
and trust products and services

Certum designed and implemented a solution tailored to meet the high security requirements of the delivered products, so that the components implemented in the bank’s infrastructure ensure full confidentiality of the signed credit agreements. The company provided full technological, legal and organizational support.

The implementation was carried in observance of the SCRUM methodology, which means that subsequent elements of the solution were delivered incrementally and iteratively. This allowed the client to verify the progress of the project at every stage.

The project included:


an analysis of the current process of concluding credit agreements


identification of Santander Consumer Bank’s needs and requirements regarding the new system


Implementation of Asseco security and trust products and services


piloting and gradually making the new solution available throughout the sales network

Key benefits

Efficient, secure and digital sales process

The research conducted by Santander Consumer Bank* shows that the implementation of the electronic sales process shortened the time of concluding a credit agreement by 30%. It also contributed to the improvement of the quality of work of business partners’ advisors, of whom as many as 80% emphasized the simplicity of the new process and 40% appreciated the possibility of concluding a credit agreement without using a single sheet of paper.

0 sheets of paper needed to conclude an electronic credit agreement with SCB

Reduction of paperwork


30 thousand advisors using the system

Unburdening the back-office


>350 thousand customers with access to the new solution


High level of security

Faster credit decision


Easier sales management

Project milestones


analytical workshops
at the Bank’s headquarters

December 2019

incremental and iterative
delivery of project products

January - June 2020

piloting in a selected
group of users

June 2020


July 2020

of the project

October 2020

Solutions used in the project

Advanced one-off SMS signature for authorization of agreements by customers

Qualified seal in the SimplySign service to authorize agreements on behalf of Santander Consumer Bank

Qualified validation service for electronic signature and electronic seal

Tailor-made products and services

secure-shield 1
Trust Service Gateways

Used in the process of signing and validation together with components enabling the creation of one-off signatures.

Web app webowa

Dedicated tool for making electronic signatures on credit agreements.

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