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SimplySign signatures for customers            to enter into leasing agreements

Project objective


Digitization of lease agreement signing

Santander Leasing focuses on the high quality of its offer and aims to provide customers with the greatest possible access to services that they can render digitally and independently in the eBOK24 portal.

That is why one of the company’s priorities has become digitizing and simplifying the lease agreement signing process for entrepreneurs.

To achieve this, the company has decided to include the issuance of SimplySign qualified electronic signatures to its customers.

Our contribution

Implementation and integration
of Asseco trust services

The project was distinguished by the scale of the undertaking in terms of technology and operations. Asseco’s trust services have been implemented and integrated with the key business systems of Santander Leasing responsible for sales support, customer service and document flow.

All work was conducted in the agile methodology. The implementation was completed in 12 months and ended in  September 2021.

The project included:


Implementation and integration of Asseco trust services with the systems of Santander Leasing


Online training for leasing consultants in Asseco Academy


Empowering advisors to be the business operator of an Identity Confirmation Point (ICP)


Issuance of SimplySign qualified electronic signatures to employees

Key benefits

Sign lease agreements digitally and remotely with SimplySign

Santander Leasing offers the possibility of obtaining a qualified SimplySign electronic signature, increasing the attractiveness of the offer and meeting the needs of customers.

Signing contracts at a time and place convenient for customers

Remote maintenance and processing of leasing contracts


Guarantee of security of processed data and documents


Keeping key processes running during the pandemic

Increased efficiency of leasing consultants


Digitalization of document workflow and reduction of paper handling costs

Reduce service time and dramatically improve service quality.

Increasing the number of digital services in the eBOK24 portal

Implementing a paperless strategy and caring for the environment

Project milestones


Integration of Santander Leasing systems with Asseco services through Trust Service Gateways

Launching a full electronic lease agreement signing process

Training of Santander Leasing employees in Asseco Academy

Award of ICP operator privileges upon completion of the course

Issuing e-signatures
to leasing

Solutions used in the project

For signing agreements in the eBOK24 portal.

For marking the date of the lease agreement (date certain).

For automatic sealing of agreements.

Tailor-made products and services


Used to automate the e-signature request process.

secure-shield 1
Trust Service Gateways

Allowing the confidentiality of the signed document to be maintained and creating the proper signature format as required by standards and provisions of the law.

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