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What is a qualified electronic signature?


Comfortable and safe document signing

Certum Qualified e-signature is used for digital document signing. It is as legally binding as a traditional, handwritten signature. It is available in two variants: saved on a smart card placed in a reader, or stored in a cloud. Both forms are accepted by all key systems of Polish public administration. We will help you choose the option which best suits your needs.

Electronic signature helps you save time, increases the security, and is impossible to forge. A traditional signature does not give you such guarantee and it’s much less safe.

Where to use Certum Qualified e-signature

Administrative matters

Effective company in the digital era

This solution is especially relevant for our international clients, operating in Poland. Certum electronic signature will improve your communication with Polish public administration, suppliers, and clients. You can sign The Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) declarations, JPK (the Polish equivalent of Standard Audit File for Tax), you can submit your financial statement to the e-KRS platform, as well as submit the European Single Procurement Document. Certum electronic signature is a comfortable, reliable and fully safe solution which saves your company’s time and money.

Tax office

General Inspector of Financial Information (GIFI)

National Court Registry (KRS)

Public procurement

Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG)

Electronic agreements and sales proposals

All administration offices

Business relationships

Efficient management in the digital era

Qualified electronic signature is widely used in the world of business. It makes it easier and faster to carry out the recruitment processes, sign B2B/B2C contracts, and manage records. Using a safe electronic signature, you can sign multiple documents: electronic invoices, court pleadings during the writ-of-payment proceedings, electronic tax reports, and much more.

B2B and B2C Contracts

Company’s internal documentation

HR Documents

Participation in online auctions

Signing documents on digital platforms

Private life

Easier life in the digital era

Certum Qualified electronic signature is a versatile solution which helps you on a daily basis. Thanks to it you don’t need to waste time visiting administration offices or post offices. You can use the Certum e-signature when dealing with formalities in Polish administration offices. For instance, when you send a mail at the ePUAP platform, or apply for social benefits in the Emp@tia system. You can file your taxes online and apply for a criminal record check. With Certum Qualified electronic signature you will do it more quickly, more comfortably, so you will get more time for yourself.

Tax office



National Criminal Register (e-KRK)

National Health Fund (NFZ)

Individuals and companies

Adjust the technology to your needs


Sign using the SimplySign mobile app


Sign using a smart card and a reader

When you sign a document in SimplySign, you use a convenient mobile app. Your signature is confirmed by a two-factor authentication. That’s why no matter where you are, a solution which can help you get legalities done in the blink of an eye is available to you.

When you sign a document electronically using a card and a reader, you plug the reader into your computer, insert the smart card, and then confirm the signature in an intuitive desktop application.

How does it work?


  • The app is all you need to sign documents
  • Two-factor authentication gives you extra security
  • You can sign up to 15 documents per second
  • You can easily integrate SimplySign with your system with the use of API
  • The application works on smartphones, tablets, and computers with Windows, macOS, AndroidOS, iOS operating systems
  • You need a computer, a reader, and a card to sign documents
  • You can sign one document per second
  • You can choose the Mini or Standard card reader
  • The solution works on Windows and macOS operating systems

When to choose it?

Use SimplySign mobile app if you value mobility and if you want to sign private and business documents at any given place or time.

Choose the option with a card and a reader if you only sign documents from your office.

Certum Qualified e-signature Features


3-year validity period

Certum e-signature is the only signature available on the market which has a 3-year validity period


Adobe Compatibility

Your e-signature will be automatically recognized by Adobe software


24/7 Access

You can use your Certum Qualified electronic signature anytime



E-signature is supported by key applications on the Polish market, e.g, Płatnik or e-Deklaracje



Certum electronic signature is compliant with the European eIDAS Regulation


Easy installation

Software needed to use e-signature is easy and quick to install


Qualified Timestamp

5000 timestamps per month throughout the whole validity period

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