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Mobile and digital reservation of apartments

Project objective

Grafika_do skecji_Cel_projektu

Implementation of the biometric electronic signature for Echo Investment representatives

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions being put in place in March 2020, the opportunity for physical contact with customers at the sales office has been severely limited.

In order to maintain business continuity and ensure the safety and comfort of buyers, Echo Investment needed a solution which would enable the digitalization of reservation of apartments.

Our contribution

Implementation of Asseco security and trust products and services

The work began with designing a new process, reserving and selecting the appropriate IT tools to support its digital implementation.

A mobile application for biometric signatures was used, which was integrated with the Asseco trust services environment, while providing a modern way to protect and ensure the integrity of the processed information by confirming the signatures with the SimplySign electronic seal. QR codes were used to quickly configure mobile devices for sales representatives.


Key benefits

Secure and digital apartment reservation process

By implementing the biometric signature along with the SimplySign electronic seal, the process of reservation of an apartment is done remotely. A customer interested in buying it can schedule a meeting with an advisor online. If they make a decision concerning the apartment, the developer’s representative signs the electronic reservation agreement by providing a handwritten biometric signature with a stylus on the tablet screen. The buyer agrees to the terms of the transaction by transferring the reservation fee. The whole procedure is done without leaving home.

Maintaining business continuity
and capability

Moving work from offices
to representatives’ homes

of formalities

Keeping employees
and customers safe

Reducing the time needed
for conclusion of agreements

Convenience and comfort
for apartment buyers

Solutions used in the project

Qualified seal in the SimplySign service to authorize the representatives’ signatures