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What is WebNotarius?


Confirming electronic signature authenticity

WebNotarius is the first Polish service validating electronic signatures and electronic seals. WebNotarius confirms the authenticity of an electronic signature. It is a 100% guarantee that the document has not been forged.
The WebNotarius service is compliant with eIDAS regulation.

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Validate received documents

Thanks to the WebNotarius service you can validate if an electronic signature is authentic. You can also check whether the document has been changed in an unauthorized way. You will get a proof of signature validation.

Simple verification of certificates used by various issuers

Confirmation of the documents’ and electronic signatures’ authenticity

Confirmation of credibility of digitally signed invoices

Confirmation of signature validation in the form of a report


API Integration

Integrating WebNotarius with API is a solution for the companies that receive many electronically signed documents. This way you can automatically and effectively validate e-documents and save your time.

How to do this? After receiving electronically signed documents, your company’s system will connect to the WebNotarius. If the validation is successful, the document will be accepted automatically.

Integration of WebNotarius with API is fully safe. However, automatic validation is quick and doesn’t require the attention of any employee.

Integrating WebNotarius with your company’s system

Automatic validation and accepting electronic documents

Safety ensured by the confirmation of signature validation

Saving time and money thanks to automatization

The Advantages of WebNotarius



The service is compliant with the EU eIDAS regulations



Sending documents online is very cheap, convenient, and helps you save time


Work comfort

The use of e-services is a proven way of improving the company’s operation. A list of activities and projects that can be done through the Internet continues to grow


Security and reliability

You are using a certified service, compliant with international standards



Automatic validation is quick and eliminates human error

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