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Remote agreement signing  and digitization of leasing processes

Project objective

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Digitization of business processes in a leasing company based on the SIGNER platform

BNP Paribas Lease Group, responding to a growing demand from the market and customers, has launched a remote signing of e-documents using, e.g., qualified electronic signatures. This allows customers to conclude agreements without having to physically meet with BNP Paribas Lease Group employees, which was especially important during the pandemic.

An additional objective of the project was the digitization of support processes (post-sales and internal) and the automatic verification of the authenticity and legal statuses of signed documents using a module for qualified validation of electronic signatures and seals.

The project is a part of a strategy of introducing modern solutions for companies, consistent with market trends, that is implemented by BNP Paribas Lease Group.

Our contribution

Provision of the SIGNER platform for electronic signing of e-documents integrated with the necessary trust services

During the six months of the project, based on the customer’s requirements, a completely electronic process of lease sale and service was developed and launched on the basis of the provided SIGNER platform, accessible from a browser. The solution is used by more than 200 employees of the company and a growing group of customers who have replaced the paper way of document handling with an electronic one, in line with the #paperless strategy. The solution makes it possible to electronically sign e-documents with the use of a qualified electronic signature between the company and its customers and in the internal workflow of the organization. The process also enables validation of all digitally signed documents.

Milestones of the project


Providing SIGNER platform with qualified validation module and SignHub module enabling customers to sign e-documents


Trainings for employees at the Asseco Academy


Issuance of qualified electronic signatures to company employees

Key benefits

Implementation of the paperless strategy and digitization of processes

The new electronic documentation handling process allows customers to sign e-documents anytime, anywhere. Digitization has reduced time and increased the quality of post-sales and support processes. Unilateral letters such as authorizations, consents and declarations are issued and sent digitally only, which significantly accelerated their handling.


The company has also improved the efficiency of document management and workflow between business departments. The solution has resulted in accelerated performance for all units and employees, increased staff satisfaction, and economic benefits.


The particularly satisfying effects of the project include paper savings (approx. 7,500 A4 sheets per month) and reduction of CO2 emissions (approx. 22,500 kg of CO2 per month) as a result of discontinued transportation of paper documents.

100% of documentation is digitally signed by the company’s management

100% of customer feedback is provided electronically by the Customer Service department

100% of post-sale documentation (approvals, damage authorizations, settlements with the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture) is created electronically only


45% of the remaining documentation in post-sales processes is issued digitally

31% of BLS agreements are signed with qualified signatures by customers

62% of agreements in the corporate customer line were signed with a qualified signature

Solutions used

It is a mobile electronic signature that does not require a physical reader or certificate card. It allows sing documents with a qualified electronic signature using a computer or mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

This is a state-of-the-art solution that confirms the exact date the e-document was signed — a certain date. It allows to protect e-documents from falsification and backdating.

A qualified validation service that confirms the authenticity and legal effect of signatures and provides legal assurance that the signed e-document was not falsified.

This solution uses a qualified electronic seal certificate that contains the data of the entity with legal personality (i.e., company, organization, public administration entity). The service is compliant with the European eIDAS regulation, thanks to which documents bearing an electronic seal retain full legal force and validity specified by this regulation.

Asseco Trust Services


The SIGNER platform allows to prepare a business process supporting the transfer of e-document for signature to designated people within the organization and beyond it. Web user interface, using the RWD (Responsive Web Design) technology, ensures operation both on workstations and on mobile devices (in a mobile web browser).


A component integrated with the SIGNER application, which is an aggregator of different types of electronic signatures and allows the customer to sign an e-document using an electronic signature. It is used when the signing party is a person from outside the organization.

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