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Electronic signature renewal

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Renew a Signature

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Electronic signature renewal process

Instruction PDF -  Cryptographic card Instruction PDF -  SimplySign


Before you start the renewal process of your qualified certificate:

  • make sure you have the purchased product or e-code for renewal,
    (if you don’t have a renewal product (or e-code) you can buy one here)
  • check that you have a valid electronic signature (qualified certificate),
  • for a certificate on a cryptographic card — install the latest version of the proCertum CardManager software.
  • for a SimplySign mobile certificate — make sure you have the SimplySign app installed on your mobile device (Android, iOS, Huawei).

Important: Once a certificate expires, it can no longer be renewed. It is then necessary to purchase a new one – you can find it here.

Activation of electronic signature renewal

Activation of electronic signature renewal is done at Certum Panel.

When activating your qualified certificate renewal, we will ask you to:

  • log into the Certum Panel
    • you will log into the Panel by entering your email address and password. If you do not have an account, before logging in, select create an account.

The certificate does not have to be visible in the user’s account in the Certum Panel.

You can renew the certificate in a new account in the Certum Panel and in a new crypto card.

  • certificate selection. There are two ways to select a certificate:
    • Click the three dots on the particular certificate in your account, and then select Renew a certificate,
    • clicking on the general Renew a certificate button, which is located at the end of the list of available certificates (for accounts without a certificate, click on Fill out the aplication and select Renew a certificate from the drop-down list),
  • choice of renewal:
    • virtual product
      (use this option if the renewal product is in your account, e.g. after a purchase from the Certum store)
    • e-code
      (use this option if you have a 16-character e-code, e.g., from an email or voucher)
  • connecting a reader with a cryptographic card or, in the case of SimplySign certificate, logging into the service,
  • verification of the correctness of the data contained in the certificate (with the possibility of modifying some of the Applicant’s data),
  • submission of an electronic signature to the renewal application.

When filling out the form , remember to provide up-to-date information and check each field carefully.

The electronically signed renewal application goes to us automatically.


Certificate issue

Your qualified certificate will be issued within 7 business days after we receive the Annex. You will be informed via email.

You will also have the possibility to install a qualified signature in an online process.

If there is a need to provide some additional data or confirm some information – we will get in touch with you.

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