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What is e-signature evaluation?


Electronic signature validation

Certum, as an expert from the area of trust services, can confirm whether a document sent by a customer was signed with a qualified electronic signature.

Expert evaluation is performed for documents supplied by the client which were signed with the use of certificates issued both in Poland and the European Union.

Who can commission an e-signature evaluation?



We offer services for both sole traders and big enterprises.



Our expert evaluations are commissioned by the representatives of administration and justice administration.

How to validate a document?

Security ensured by Experts

Expert evaluation is performed by a team of experienced Certum specialists, who follow our procedure step by step.


Send us a document or a bundle of documents for evaluation


We verify if the documents were signed with a qualified electronic signature.
The analysis may take from 2 to 14 days.


We send you both electronic (signed with an e-signature) and paper confirmation.

Verification process

As a part of electronic signature expert evaluation, Certum will perform a check of a variety of information:

Signee’s personal data

Certificate validity period

Certificate serial number

Certificate revocation date

Data integrity (we will check whether there have been some unauthorized modifications)

Certificate issuer

Confirmations, eg.: OCSP, DVCS, TS, CRL

Other PKI services, eg. timestamping

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