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CERTUM pays a lot of attention to providing Clients with as complete information as possible at each stage of the report. For that purpose, we offer you a 24h information service 7 days a week. In case of any technical problems or inquiries regarding our offer, please use chat, the hotline or the contact form. We promise that no question will remain unanswered.


CERTUM consultants are available on business days from 8 am – 4 pm:

  • +48 91 4801 300 (for mobile phones)

* – rate per minute according to the operator’s price list

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In case of any questions or comments, please use our contact form.

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CERTUM – Certification Authority

ul. Bajeczna 13
71-838 Szczecin
fax:+48 91 4257 422

List of Registration Points

Registration Points are delegated to register and verify the identity of subscribers. The list of accredited registration points is available on: >> Check the registration points <<

Currently, CERTUM does not have registration points abroad. However, the accepted form of identity verification service is the identity confirmation made by public notaries of the country of residence of the subscriber. In addition, we honor polish citizens identity confirmation made by the polish consul.

Information on prices may be obtained directly from the following link: