Certification Policy

Certification Policy stipulates the obligations and rights of CERTUM and certificate users. Certification Policy awareness is necessary to:

  • know one’s rights, e.g. the right of immediate certificate revocation
  • know what can be certified with a given certificate
  • know what users concede to if they do not raise reservations to their certificates
  • obtain information about guarantees given by CERTUM
  • establish the level of credibility for given documents electronically signed

 Certification Policy of CERTUM’s Certification Services version 4.0
 QESValidationQ Validation Policy 1.1
 Time-Stamping Authority Policy

We inform You that Certification Policy of CERTUM’s Qualified Certification Services has been merged with Certification practice statement. To download and view a new document go to Certificate Policy and Certification Practice Statement of CERTUM’s Qualified Certification Services