Electronic signature for foreigners – run your business across borders


Running a company in Poland by a foreigner permanently residing outside of Poland often involves travelling for administrative matters. Documents needed by authorities, agreements with employees, contracts, statements or reports constitute a regular set that is signed in most companies. SimplySign’s qualified electronic signature will allow you to both electronically sign documents anytime, anywhere, and to remotely confirm your identity.

Use of electronic signature – not only reports for the National Court Register (KRS)

One of the most common uses of electronic signatures by foreign nationals is that associated with the requirement to sign a report for the National Court Register. This document is filed by every company and must contain the signatures of all members of the board. Financial statements and accompanying documents are prepared and submitted to the National Court Register in electronic form only. However, the Accounting Act does not require that persons who are required to sign financial documents have a PESEL number. In the case of companies where the management board consists exclusively of foreigners who do not have a PESEL number, filing a report with the National Court Register is subject to a fee (PLN 140). Free filing of financial statements is available to all entrepreneurs registered in the National Court Register provided that the filing is done by a person authorized to represent the company, whose PESEL number is disclosed in the National Court Register. The system should automatically indicate the persons who can sign the application. If no representative with a PESEL number has been entered in the registry, then you will receive a message that filing free of charge is not possible.

In addition to the above example of attaching e-signature to documents for the KRS, there are a number of other possibilities of use, both in contacts with the public administration and in business. The SimplySign electronic signature will improve communication with the authorities, suppliers and customers, you can use it to sign Social Security declarations, documents for the tax office, an offer in a public procurement, it can also be used for B2B and B2C contracts, documentation within the company or HR documents.

SimplySign for foreigners – no PESEL required

The procedure for obtaining the SimplySign electronic signature for a foreigner is the same as for a Polish citizen. The entire process consists of four simple steps:

  1. Purchase of a qualified signature e.g. through an online store https://shop.certum.eu/
  2. Applying for an e-signature
  3. Verification of identity
  4. Issuance of an e-signature

The most important difference is the document on the basis of which the identity of the electronic signature owner is confirmed. A person applying for an electronic signature who is not a Polish citizen may present the following documents: a passport or ID card that is used to verify their identity. In addition, the ID card must be on the Public Register of Authentic Identity and Travel Documents published by the Council of the European Union. Foreign nationals can obtain a qualified electronic signature without having a PESEL number. Their identity can be verified by confirming it at Certum Business Points or at Partner Points. Their identity can also be confirmed with a notary public. When using the services of a notary public, it is important that they are listed with notary associations and chambers such as:

  • Polish National Council of Notaries
  • International Union of Notaries
  • European Directory of Notaries

If the notarized identity document is in a language other than Polish, English, German or Russian, it is necessary to enclose a translation prepared by a sworn translator.

These few simple steps are all it takes for a foreign national to use a SimplySign qualified electronic signature, and from the moment of issue, you can electronically sign both financial statements and all other documents in their electronic version.

The electronic signature is an international business standard

SimpySign is a mobile electronic signature, which is as binding as a handwritten signature – not only in Poland, but also throughout the European Union. This is confirmed by the international eIDAS regulation. The tool ensures full integrity of the content of the signed document – this means you can be sure that no one will tamper with any records and the signature will not be forged. SimplySign allows you to efficiently sign documents both in business and in contact with public administration using your laptop, tablet or smartphone, it is also automatically recognized in Adobe software worldwide. SimplySign’s electronic signature is a convenient, secure and completely safe solution that saves any business time and money.