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Entrust Certificate Distrust


On June 27th, 2024 Chrome announced that starting from version 127 of the Google Chrome browser, it will withdraw trust for Entrust SSL certificates.
This means that all Entrust SSL certificates issued after October 31, 2024, will not be trusted in their browser.
This decision was made based on:

  • Numerous violations of Baseline Requirements for TLS,
  • Untimely and incomplete incident reporting,
  • Lack of understanding of the root causes of incidents and lack of commitment to implementing changes addressing these causes,
  • Failure to adopt industry requirements and standards when they became mandatory,
  • Failure to take responsibility for their mistakes.

There is no information indicating that other browsers, such as Firefox or Edge, plan to stop trusting Entrust certificates, but Google is already recommending website owners to switch to another publicly trusted CA as soon as possible.
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If Google’s loss of trust in Entrust TLS certificates negatively impacts your website, we encourage you to contact us for a proposal from Certum.
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