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Poland’s only qualified e-signature and e-stamp validation WebNotarius – available to everyone

Now, anyone can use WebNotarius, a qualified validation service. Checking the validity of e-signatures and e-stamps is accessible from

WebNotarius is a qualified validation service of electronic signatures and electronic stamps in conformity with EU law (the eIDAS regulation). It allows you to receive the result of the validation process in an automatic, reliable and efficient way in the form of a report – a PDF file certified by the provider of a qualified validation service.

Just go to to add a file and download the report – the result of the validation process. The WebNotarius validation report is a document that, in accordance with European Union law, constitutes reliable self-certifying evidence of the validity or invalidity of qualified signatures and electronic stamps that is also recognized in court and arbitration proceedings.

With the WebNotarius service, it is possible to validate electronic signatures and stamps based on certificates issued by a qualified trust service provider in any European Union country.

By checking the validity of electronic signatures and stamps, WebNotarius in no way violates the confidentiality of the content of documents that bear these signatures or stamps.

The validation process implemented by WebNotarius is subject to annual audits by independent EU-accredited assessment bodies. Compliance of the validation service with legal requirements and technical standards determines its status as a qualified service, and confirmation of this status is the inclusion of the service in the TSL (Trusted Services Providers) list. This list, in accordance with EU law, indicates qualified service providers whose attestations are to be considered true and reliable from the legal presumption.

Electronic signatures are becoming a standard in communication between companies, as well as administrations. The need to verify e-signatures affixed to a document is becoming more common. We have met these expectations and are providing a webnotariuseu service where any user will be able to easily check electronic signatures on a document “,  said Pawel Wojtaszyk, Product Manager at Asseco Data Systems.

The Webnotarius service is particularly useful when deciding on the acceptance of legally and business-important electronic documents processed in domestic and international legal transactions, including:

  • signed tender documentation,
  • signed business agreements,
  • documents bearing a signature,
  • signed or stamped invoices or commercial offers.
  • a document signed with any signature from across the EU.

The WebNotarius service can be used by companies, organizations, public administrations and individuals alike.

Confirmation of the validity of e-signatures and e-stamps in the form of a report provides a guarantee that decisions and actions taken on its basis will be legally effective.