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Code Signing and why we all need it?

For years, Code Signing certificates have allowed Developers to digitally sign the software code. Especially recently, they have enjoyed great popularity and interest, becoming one of the basic tools of publishers. The increase in interest in Code Signing is primarily due to the dynamic development of the software and application market, as well as the spread of newer and newer cyber threats threatening network users.

Unknown publisher
In the age of spyware and phishing, users are becoming more and more cautious about downloading and using software. Downloading and trying to run an unsigned application results in displaying the publisher’s name as “unknown”, and during the process warnings will appear, which can effectively discourage the user from using the program.
Currently, Code Signing certificates are one way to ensure the software’s identity and allow users to make an informed decision to download the program based on the publisher’s data. Through rigorous verification processes, the identity of the software publisher is confirmed and the publisher’s name appears in a dialog box, allowing users to identify the brand.

Code integrity and protection against malware
Code Signing certificates are not only about verification of software identity, but also about ensuring code integrity. Placing a digital signature in the whole code allows for its comprehensive protection. When an attempt is made to interfere with the code by third parties, the value of the signature will automatically change, allowing for immediate identification and elimination of the threat. Thanks to this, the certificate protects both the user against downloading infected or modified software, and its creator, allowing control over the code and quick reaction to threats.

The indicated functions of the certificate, authentication and code integrity make Code Signing Certificates a reliable tool enabling:

  • an increase of user confidence in the application
  • a guarantee of the code’s integrity
  • undeniability of the origin of the application

This means that both for the program User and its Creator, signing the software will increase its security.
If you are interested in Code Signing, we invite you to look at the Certum’s offer.