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Efficient, automated management of Certum SSL certificates for Microsoft Active Directory 24/7


Being aware that digitization does not only relate to technological development, but also various types of threats affecting both public and commercial entities, information security experts Certum by Asseco and Esysco are synergistically joining forces. Esysco offers an automated SSL certificate management platform for Microsoft PKI, and Certum offers SSL certificates.

SSL certificates from Certum

Certum, as a leading European Certification Center, has been a provider of SSL (TLS), Code Signing, S/MIME and electronic signatures and other trust services for years. SSL (TLS) certificates are a fundamental part of how websites function online. They encrypt website traffic and protect data entered from being leaked or viewed. They allow you to log in to services without worrying that someone will be able to see your password. They play an important role not only in securing business processes, all kinds of data, but form the basis of online security — they identify and build digital identity, allowing to build credibility, and secure communication.

Certificate Management C-View from Esysco

Securing a website is not just about using SSL certificates, but also about efficient digital certificate handling. The cooperation between Certum and Esysco allows organizations to automatically manage digital certificates, preventing, among other things, downtime and system failures due to certificate expiration. Protecting your organization’s resources is key. C-View Certificate Management guarantees that, as it allows Certum certificates to be managed automatically within an organization.

C-View provides a comprehensive solution for managing and monitoring an enterprise’s PKI certificates. At the same time, it prevents potential loss of revenue and loss of credibility for the organization. It minimizes the risk caused by expired, invalid or fraudulent digital certificates.

Integration with Microsoft ADCS (Microsoft PKI)

Microsoft Active Directory Certificate Services (ADCS) provides Certum by Asseco digital certificates that can be used to encrypt, electronically sign and authenticate users and devices online. By integrating Microsoft ADCS with C-View, IT administrators can use AD and Groups Policy to register and assign certificates.

Seamless integration allows companies to dynamically create certificates for users, applications or devices, distribute them on a large scale and automatically renew certificates on devices, thus ensuring data security and compliance with organizational standards.

In addition to establishing automated certificate lifecycle management processes, the PKI infrastructure must be constantly monitored for vulnerabilities. It is necessary to create a monitoring system that connects to every aspect of certificates in multiple CAs and network security/automation software. Dashboards that monitor certificate expiration and redundancy to corporate policies are extremely useful. In addition, C-View is establishing an early warning system to notify designated certificate holders of impending problems that require their action.

Learn the key benefits of implementing Esysco and Certum services

  • Automatic issuance, monitoring and management of Certum by Asseco certificates
  • Business application operational continuity guarantee
  • Effectively and immediately prevent system downtime and failures caused by expired certificates
  • Centralized viewing and monitoring of all implemented Certum SSL certificates
  • Improved IT security
  • Automation of all certificate lifecycle operations
  • Full integration with PKI environment on the Microsoft CA/ACDS platform
  • Immediate replacement of all SHA-1 SSL certificates

About Esysco

ESYSCO is an innovative company specializing in cybersecurity, particularly in areas such as digital transformation, electronic signatures, e-government, PKI, HSM, e-mail encryption, digital certificate management, and identity and access management, with the goal of providing services of the highest level of quality and security.
As a systems integrator and technology provider for cryptography-based products, services and solutions, we support business and public entities in protecting sensitive data and information with advanced technology solutions.

Certum — work with the leader in paperless and trust services

As Europe’s oldest and largest leading provider of trust services, Certum offers not only excellent products, but also expert support, know-how and years of experience in the fields of encryption, cybersecurity, trust services, paperless solutions, digital workflow, law and technology standards. We specialize in certification services that validate online identity and provide solutions to ensure the trustworthiness and security of documents, electronic data and devices. We are committed to ensuring that our clients’ businesses can thrive while remaining fully resistant to cyber-attacks and other external threats.

Using modern technological advances, we create solutions that help our clients navigate more efficiently, comfortably and safely in the virtual world.

Choose Certum solutions

  • Services available on 6 continents.
  • 20 years of experience
  • The largest certification center in Poland.
  • Technical infrastructure located in the EU
  • In-house data center available 99.9% of the time