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The EFES to the Trusted Economy Forum. A new dimension of the global economy

For more than two decades, the EFES has brought together experts and professionals in the fields of law, technology and practitioners using electronic trust services. The last edition of the forum was held on June 10, 2021. Ewelina Chudy, Manager of the Trusted Economy Forum Conference Organization Office, explains what influenced such a decision of the organizers and what are the further plans.

For over twenty years, June has been a month marked by the European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services (EFES). An event, which over the past years has gained the rank of the largest international conference devoted to electronic trust services, including electronic signature, as well as electronic identification and digital security, in Europe.

Where did the idea to change the approach to the trust services conference come from? After all, the formula has worked so far.

It is true, it worked and was very popular not only with the audience in Poland but also with foreign experts. The last edition of the European Forum on Electronic Signature and Trust Services, held in June 2021, gathered more than 700 participants from dozens of countries around the world in front of computer monitors. It is a result that fills us with pride. However, appetite coms with eating. We know that the conference has much more potential, both geographically and in terms of content, so we were keen to grow it in those areas.

So far we have covered national and European topics, hence the old name “European Forum.” This was prompted by regulations at the European Union level in the form of the eIDAS regulation, which regulates the market for trust services. It was natural for us to want to navigate an area that is close to us. Last year we made the decision that it was time to branch out. Especially as the conference attracted increasing interest from participants outside Europe. The pandemic was one factor that solidified this decision.

Why is that?

The market changes of the last two years have not only accelerated the digitization of all branches of the economy, administration and social life, but have also strongly influenced the need for even greater opening of the international market. In my opinion, never before has the need and opportunity to do business digitally across borders been as important and necessary as it has been during the past two years.

Rapidly advancing globalization, not only in the business area, but also in the social or cultural area, forces us to think, plan and design technology in such a way that it can be used, regardless of territorial boundaries. Technology that will be uniform, safe and universal. And what else can provide security for these processes but trust services?

What does the new name of the conference – “Trusted Economy Forum” – mean?

The new name has two dimensions. Firstly – “Economy” – we want to look at the topic of trust services through the prism of not the tool itself, but how it affects the building of business, economy or administrative processes. The services themselves do not exist without a market environment that, on the one hand, allows for their development through the demands made by the recipients of these services and, on the other hand, is subject to constant review.

Secondly – as a certification center we are obliged to ensure that the services we offer are fully secure and form the basis for the security of our customers’ processes. Hence the word “Trusted” in the name. We are committed and will strive to ensure that the security of economic processes is based on the use of trust services, including electronic signatures and electronic identification.

What is the premise of the new iteration of the conference? What goals do you want to pursue?

The Trusted Economy Forum will become a space for discussion, exchange of views and experiences for experts from various fields. Our subject area will invariably be electronic identification, trust services including electronic signatures and practical methods of their application in the processes of digital transformation of enterprises and public administration.

We want to build a space where business representatives will have a chance to undertake education in the field of digitalization of business processes, they will be able to talk to leaders in particular sectors, gain knowledge from them and share experience. Hear about what digital transformation looks like in practice, how to prepare for it, how the process works, but also what benefits you can expect at the end.

What is the target audience for the Trusted Economy Forum and why?

Our mission is to integrate the technology, business, legal, administrative, and academic communities to build digital societies, not just nationally, but globally. The broad scope of the target group means that the meeting agenda will include topics related to technology in terms of law, new solutions and practical applications. There will be room for both theory and practical knowledge. You are cordially invited to participate on June 8 and 9, 2022. The event will be held in a hybrid format.

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