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Use of electronic signature in eKRS – Electronic System of the National Court Register

The power of electronic signatures in business and administration

In the era of digital transformation, electronic technologies revolutionize the way businesses and administrations operate. One of the key aspects of this transformation is the use of electronic signature. E-signature not only facilitates processes but also enhances the security and efficiency of operations. The Electronic System of the National Court Register is crucial for Polish administration and business. Its integration with electronic signature offers numerous benefits. In this article, we will analyze the possibilities of using electronic signature in the eKRS and the benefits that may arise from this solution.

What is eKRS?

eKRS is an IT system enabling the electronic registration and recording of information concerning companies and other economic entities in Poland. The Electronic System of the National Court Register stores, among other things, notarial deeds, articles of association, and financial reports. The register also records other documents related to the registration and activities of entities. The system is managed by the Ministry of Justice and is a key tool in administrative and legal processes.

Electronic signature in eKRS

The use of electronic signature in the Electronic System of the National Court Register opens the door to numerous possibilities and facilitations. With an electronic signature, documents can be transmitted and signed online. This eliminates the need for physical presence in offices or signing paper documents. According to applicable law, electronic signature holds the same legal force as a traditional handwritten signature. This makes it an incredibly valuable tool in registration and legal processes.

Examples of the use of electronic signatures in the Electronic System of the National Court Register

  • Company registration

The process of company registration in eKRS can be significantly streamlined by using electronic signature. Registration documents, such as articles of association or notarial deeds – certified as true to the original using an electronic signature – can be sent to the office right away. This significantly reduces the waiting time for registration.

  • Submission of financial documents 

Companies can file their financial statements and other documents with eKRS using an electronic signature. This facilitates the entire reporting process and provides faster access to financial information.

  • Remote company management

The use of electronic signatures enables remote management of companies without the need for physical presence in Poland. This is especially important for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

eKRS: Streamlining administrative processes with electronic signature

The use of electronic signature in the Electronic System of the National Court Register opens up new opportunities for businesses and institutions in Poland, including associations, healthcare institutions, and foundations. Use of electronic signatures helps streamline administrative processes, save time and costs, and increase document security. This is a step towards digital transformation that contributes to more efficient operation of businesses and administration in Poland.

How to obtain an electronic signature?

The Certum electronic signature is an essential tool in modern business and administration. It facilitates secure and fast transactions and online document exchange. You can apply Certum e-signature in the Electronic System of the National Court Register. By using electronic signature, you gain confidence that your documents are legally valid, and their authenticity and integrity are preserved. By choosing Certum e-signature, you invest in advanced technology that supports digital transformation and raises security standards in your organization.

The process of obtaining an electronic signature from Certum is simple and intuitive. Purchasing or renewing an existing certificate requires little time.

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